We respect your privacy, both personal privacy and data privacy. If you are buying from us online or via an emailed invoice, we use proprietary third-party banking systems to collect your payment using SSL technology. Check the https URL at the top of this page which indicates that this is a secure platform.


If you provide us with address and email data, we promise to store it carefully and securely and in line with the provisions of current data protection legislation. We shall NEVER disclose or sell your details to anyone else.

If we contact you after your purchase has been made, we promise that it will be only to either confirm details of your purchase (to clarify Gift Voucher personalisation details, or address details for posting Gift Vouchers for instance) or details of your booking. If you book an Alpaca Day Out and we need to postpone for any reason, we will contact you. If we discover that you have left any possessions behind or there are other matters which we believe that you need to know about, we will contact you.


  If we take any photos of you during your Alpaca Day Out, even from the back, we shall send to you any that we do not delete from our cameras/phone. We shall only use photos of you on our website or Social Media platforms, or on printed material, after explicitly asking you whether or not you consent to this and then only if you agree.

If we take any photos of children, we shall only use them as described above and only if we have the child's parents' or guardians' express and fully-informed consent.


If you have booked an Alpaca Trek and you can no longer come, let us know before 10am on the day of your planned visit and we'll offer you a date to rebook if you'd like to do that.


But, if you don't let us know before 10am, we reserve the right to withold any monies paid.


Why do we have this policy ?


Our Alpaca Treks are all "private" to the party booking - we don't gather people up to make a group of six or ten or whatever. So, if you don't turn up, we're here waiting just for you.


There are varying degrees of preparation, and baking, behind every Trek. And, although we try hard not to let visitors see it, sometimes, particularly during Winter's short days, our day really is shaped around booked Treks.


Alpaca Treks are in high demand - you may yourself have waited several weeks or months for your booked date - and we often have a Reserves List of people who can come at short notice in the event of a cancellation. So it's not just us who is disappointed if someone fails to turn up. With even a few hours notice, we can offer the opportunity to someone on our waiting list or "advertise" the cancellation on Facebook.


Sometimes, of course, life gets in the way of the best-made plans. We're not monsters and we will be very sympathetic to genuine emergencies and extenuating circumstances. But PLEASE, just let us know.


And if WE need to rearrange at short notice, most likely because the weather is much worse than the forecast, we will do so before 10am to give you a chance to re-organise your day. We will use your mobile number and email to this - this is why we ask for a mobile number.


So, if you need to postpone or cancel, please do one of the following as soon as you can :

  1. Phone us on 07773 968979 (Carole) or 07817 863375 (John)

  2. email us on

  3. Send us a PM via our Facebook page