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Alpaca Safaris and Alpaca Treks in Morayshire

Here at our Alpaca Farm in Mosstowie near Elgin in Morayshire, we have over 60 alpacas in all colours and of all ages. As well as looking after the alpacas, we breed them each year and we also have a wee Alpaca Farm Shop where you can browse through the lovely products we make from our alpacas' gorgeous fleeces.


But, we don't like to keep the alpacas to ourselves and so we also run Alpaca Days Out. It's a  way to let people be up-close with alpacas, to learn about them and spend time with them, and perhaps to take one for a trek on the farm.


We run Alpaca Days Out all year round but it is essential to book in advance. We sometimes have availability at short-notice though - just ask !

Approx 1 hour

Family Friendly Activity

Adults £10

Children 5-16 £5

Children under 5 - free

Spend time with the alpacas in their fields, follow them as they graze and learn about them.


You'll maybe get an up-close encounter, depending on how the alpacas feel on the day !

Approx 3 hours

Adult Only Activity

2-4 Adults

Adults £30

Spend time with the alpacas in their fields, follow them as they graze and learn all about them. 

Feed, handle and halter alpacas and take them for a walk on the farm

Finish up in the farmhouse for coffee and cakes !


We greatly enjoy having visitors here for Alpaca Days Out ! 

One of the best parts is seeing visitors' faces when they are first in the field with the alpacas - being surrounded by 50 alpacas isn't the kind of thing most people do every day.


Visitors are with us all the time they're here. We know the animals well and can tell visitors a bit about each one - how Jura got her name, how many cria Jasmine has had and why Walter has his fleece clipped in that rather strange way.

We'll also be able to tell visitors all about the natural history of alpacas and the role they played in the lives of the Incan people, about looking after alpacas and about their fleeces and how they are processed into lovely yarns and other products, some of which we sell in our wee Alpaca Farm Shop. 

But, if what you'd really like to do is sit quietly in the field and just be with the alpacas, we can do that too !


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We're not an Open Farm - it is ESSENTIAL to book your      Alpaca Day Out before you come

We can do weekends and weekdays - get in touch to fix up a date and time

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